The Perfect Turn-Key Solution
To Get Your Business On The Road

NATM Certified

Safety you can trust. Fireside trailers are NATM certified to the industry’s gold standard. Made from premium materials and designed for efficient, secure towing. Our trailers feature a sturdy A-frame coupler for a 2” ball, lockable, onboard storage, and other design features to make towing a pleasure.

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Best-In-Class Styling, Performance & Longevity

Fireside Trailer incorporates high-end details in our standard packages. We include stainless steel decks and weather-sealed storage compartments, the choice of multiple colors and oven finishes/wraps, and a sleek, black trailer that can be accented with your branding. Our upgraded, full-service products include even more features to assist in your pizza operations.

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Pro-Level Capacity

Our large, wood fired ovens let you bake multiple pizzas at once in under 2 minutes (50 – 140+ per hour depending on oven size selected.) The generous storage and carrying capacity of even our smallest trailer allow you to conveniently bring everything you need to events in one vehicle. (2200 lbs or 6600 lbs GVWR/model)

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Mobile Pizza Oven Trailer Refractory and Steel

Quality You Can Count On for
The Best Mobile Safety and Performance

Opportunities for mobile food operations are growing every day as people discover the freedom and flexibility of this vibrant business model. Go to any food truck rally and the most popular truck is always the pizza trailer! Pizza is the perfect menu item for mobile with its wide range of ingredients, fast turn times, lower costs, higher profits, and customizable flavors that give people exactly what they want.

Now, you can join the wood fired movement and take your business on the road with Fireside Trailer. We offer high-quality, feature-rich trailers, matched with trusted professional ovens for dependable baking and high-volume pizza production. With countless Forno Bravo ovens on the road, quality builds, and a robust warranty on the Pizza Oven dome, you can trust these rigs to serve you well for a long time to come!

The single axle trailer design reduces the overall weight, saving you money through better fuel economy. It is also optimized for both strength and maneuverability. With rigid steel construction and a welded cross-bar reinforced frame to create the necessary stiffness for a smooth ride, the trailer can be towed with assurance. Finally, the main oven weight is strategically balanced over the axle to improve the trailer’s handling characteristics and make parking a breeze!

Combined with an easy-to-use coupler that provides a tight fit, and a tongue-mounted, round jack to help you line up to your receiver, these NATM-certified trailers inspire confidence at every turn.

Putting the big building blocks in place, and then fine-tuning all of the details are key to expanding your business or entertaining skills into the world of mobile pizza ovens. Whether you are considering a full-featured Concerto or the light and nimble Serata, our staff is available to help walk you through all of the options to choose the ones that work best for you. Have questions about selection, financing, shipping, or operations optimization? With Fireside Trailer, you will receive one-on-one personal phone and email support anywhere in North America from experienced staff who are ready and willing to help.

Key Features

Easy Handling

>Improved parking and towing ability with a single axle design, quality construction, and balanced loading.

Fuel-Efficient Oven

Our ovens require minimal wood and time to reach their super high temps. Flexible and fuel-efficient. Choose a 3”+ refractory or a 304 stainless steel dome to meet your cooking needs


Quality Certified

Both the oven and trailer are tested to multiple, rigorous industry standards for quality, safety, and reliability. (NATM, ETL, or ISO standards depending on model)


Easy & Secure Coupler

Quickly connect the trailer to your towing vehicle with a strong coupler that fits a standard 2” ball. The welded A-frame tongue construction transfers towing force and control with confidence.


Massive Storage

Complete with a large, lockable, weather-resistant storage compartment. Plus, a 41 CF open cargo bay for supplies or refrigeration (Concerto only.)


Reinforced Construction

Rigid steel trailer body and welded crossbar construction for stiffness; stainless steel tray, and multiple attachment points secure the oven to the trailer safely.


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