Why Fireside

Fireside Trailer, and its oven integration partner, Forno Bravo LLC., have collaborated to create the best mobile pizza oven trailer on the market for small and expanding businesses and personal entertaining. Made in the USA to the highest standards, the quality of these trailers and ovens is impeccable. Forno Bravo has been in business since 2003, and has placed thousands of ovens with satisfied customers, pizzaioli, and chefs – serving great food in homes, restaurants, and on the road – across the country, and across the continent!

Both companies prize responsiveness and exceptional, personalized customer service as the key to their success. Each oven owner is graciously welcomed into the larger wood fired community, and the Fireside/Forno Bravo family. We love answering questions and sharing our experience to help make your business successful, but also to connect mobile caterers to each other to improve the industry as a whole!

Proudly Made in the USA

  • Forno Bravo proudly manufactures all ovens in the United States of America in one of two high-quality facilities located in Castroville, CA and Colorado Springs, CO
  • Staffed with skilled craftsmen, precision machinery, and on-site quality control, all ovens are tested & built with durability and longevity in mind.
  • Our trailers are also constructed by multiple partners in the USA for responsive, in-house design options, long-term support, and quality building practices.

Highlights of a Forno Bravo Wood Fired Oven

Superior, Versatile Dome Construction

  • Offering 2 distinct styles of mobile oven domes to meet your baking needs:
    • (1) Interlocking 3” thick refractory for superior heat retention and strength, and
    • (2) 304 stainless steel for weight savings and the quickest heat up/cool down times in its class.
  • Incorporates strong welds, rust-resistant materials, and fewer/tighter seams for resistance to road vibration for long-term durability.
  • The full-service Concerto features the popular Professionale 120 oven core with a 48” floor that produces 100–140 pizzas per hour. While the compact Serata uses the Bella Ultra 40 steel pizza oven and can produce 50–70 pizzas per hour.

Ultra-Premium Insulation

  • The oven dome is surrounded by best-in-class ceramic insulation boosting efficiency and heat retention.
  • Generous amounts of ceramic blanket insulation above and around the dome, and thick ceramic board insulation below the floor for 700-900°F+ internal baking temperatures with minimal fuel.
  • Excellent heat retention inside the chamber increases pizza production and chef comfort and safety.

Top of the Line Cooking Floor

  • 2” – 2.5” thick oven floor (depending on model)
  • Superior thermal shock resistance and durability.
  • Fast heat recovery/recharging times for higher throughput, Bake pizza in 90–120 seconds, depending on pizza style and temperature setting.

Stainless Steel Removable Venting

  • Easy removal with a quick twist-release for travel and storage. (Allows the trailer to fit conveniently in a standard garage.)
  • Includes stylish, laser-cut chimney cap.
  • Steel-lined, extra wide mouth above the oven landing draws smoke up and away from the chef.

Rough Tough Design (Built For The Road)

  • Tray, frame, and wraparound stainless steel landing unit bolt to the trailer in multiple locations for redundancy and safety.
  • Industry-leading warranty for confidence in your purchase.
  • Specially designed complimentary pizza oven trailer includes secure coupling features, onboard stabilization jacks (front and read), trailer-rated tires to reduce vibration.

Stylish Exterior

  • The Concerto comes with hand-finished stucco available in a choice of 7 beautiful colors. Traditional or modern, match the color to your brand and personal taste. Real red brick arch for classic Italian detailing.
  • The Serata offers a durable red or black powder coated wrap over 304 stainless steel that can also accept a 3M wrap or decals for fully-customized branding.
  • Both ovens feature a stainless steel oven mouth and prep area for durability, weight savings, and sanitation considerations.


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