Serata Pizza Oven Trailer

Lightweight, high-quality pizza oven and compact trailer combo designed for catering, tailgating, and mid-sized events.

The Serata from Fireside Trailer® is the ultimate tailgating and catering machine! It is light enough to pull with any regular car, truck, or SUV that can tow 2000 lbs, but features stable handling and lockable storage.

The Serata has all the options you need for success, without getting weighed down with the extras required for a larger trailer. Sleek and stylish out of the gate, it also has plenty of room for branding. Add in the quality, NATM-certified construction and you are ready to roll for a long time to come.

  • Integrated Prep Counter
  • Large, Locking Storage
  • On-Board Front and Rear Leveling Jacks
  • Well-Secured, Wood Fired, Steel Oven
  • Stainless Steel Oven Door & Removable Chimney
Strong and Nimble Mobile Pizza Oven Trailer

‘Serata’ in Italian translates to an evening dinner party or a soirée. Want to gather with friends, family, or clients over delicious pizza, crusty bread dipped in olive oil, or a piping hot dessert treat? Now you can — any time, any place! This wood fired oven and lightweight trailer combo are the right tools to get you there.

About the Oven – The Heat

The Bella40 Pizza Oven from Forno Bravo Ovens excels in both quality and performance. Built with 2+ inches of ultra-premium insulation for extreme heat retention, fast charging floors with even heat distribution, and solid weld construction these ovens will endure the stress of the road.

  • Generous Volume: Capable of baking 4 – 5 10” pizzas at a time, or 50 – 70 pizzas an hour in 1120 sq in of cooking space.
  • Fast Heat Up and Recovery: Ready to bake the first pizza in 15 minutes! The 304 stainless steel dome and fire-brick cooking tiles heat up to over 700°F with just a few sticks of wood, and the insulated dome and floor provide fast recovery times for higher production rates.
  • Road Ready: Features a quick-twist chimney locking mechanism for easy installation and removal, while the durable, powder coated wrap resists fading, dings, and wear. The oven is securely attached underneath with 4 large bolts inside the lockable storage compartment for road safety and theft resistance.

About the Trailer – The Ride:

Simple and clean lines. Robust build. Compact footprint. The Serata trailer is sturdy enough to get your pizza oven and supplies to your events but without weighing you down. Its smooth ride and responsive handling make towing and final placement a breeze, while the onboard stabilizing jacks and locking storage area ensure service is a snap. Certified to NATM’s rigorous safety standards for peace of mind so you know that you are purchasing a quality build.

  • Premium Quality: Rigid steel construction and seam sealed weld joints for strength, durability, and rust resistance. 2,200 lb. GVWR/GAWR Rating. Made in the USA.
  • Easy Handling: Single axle design with beautifully balanced loading makes maneuvering and parking this trailer in tight spaces simple. The cross-bar tongue construction is directly welded to the frame for added stiffness and handling.
  • Classy Looks: Durable, easy to clean, glossy black finish with plenty of room for branding and marketing messages. Comes with 39.3 cubic feet of lockable storage, onboard leveling jacks, a stainless steel counter, and a rear oven facing design.
  • Safety-First: Includes a sturdy, easy-to-use, A-frame coupler with a secure hitch for a 2” ball, trailer-rated 13” tires, and side reflectors and rear lights. NATM Certified.

Weights & Dimensions

Below are some fast facts and statistics about the Serata.

  • Trailer with Oven: 105.5” L x 67” W x 66 ¼ H* (*92” H with Chimney and Cap)
  • Generous Locking Storage Area: 59” L x 48” W x ” 24 H (39.3 CF)
  • Storage Compartment Door with weather stripping: 35 ½” W x 18 ½” H
  • Durable, easy to clean, glossy black finish on the trailer
  • GVWR/GAWR: 2,200 lbs
  • Trailer and Oven: Apx. 1,100 lbs.
  • Remaining Weight Available for Wood, Food, Tools, and Supplies: Apx. 1,100 lbs
  • 13” Trailer-rated tires for a smooth ride
  • Tow Vehicle: V6 or Bigger (Any vehicle with a tow package able to pull up to 2,200 lbs)
  • Ball Hitch Required for towing: 2” Ball
  • Loaded Hitch Height: Apx. 17”
  • Event Footprint: 10’ x 10’ Booth * Do not vent the oven under a canopy

Oven Specifications

Summary of the Bella wood fired, steel oven specifications for quick reference..

  • 304 polished stainless steel body with solid weld construction and a durable, powder coated wrap
  • Ultra-premium, ceramic insulation improves fuel efficiency & absorbs road vibration (2” thick below the oven & 2+” above)
  • Wide, 24 ¼” W x 9 ½” H opening for easy accessibility and peel work
  • Removable, quick-twist, 6” chimney pipe (Stainless steel pipe and stylish laser cut, steel cap)
  • 2”-Thick firebrick oven floor for even heat and fast recovery times
  • Built-in thermostat reads temps up to 900°F
  • 40” W x 28” D cooking floor with large tiles for fewer seams; 16” deep stainless steel prep area in front to keep production flowing
  • Features a “vent outside the chamber” design that allows the steel door to be used as a damper for cooking flexibility and easy heat adjustments
  • Pizza Production: Bakes 4–5 pizzas at once or 50–70 10” pizzas/hr
  • Oven built in the USA at an ISO 9001:2015-certified factory

"An All-in-One Pizza Oven and Trailer Combination for Any Occasion"

At Fireside Trailer®, we know pizza and we know mobile. Now, we’ve sourced the best of both to offer one-stop shopping for all of your pizza needs. By matching quality equipment with personable staff, we make the buying process a smooth and pleasant experience from beginning to end.

Get ready to bake your heart out at the game, the park or well into the evening …or wherever your fancy takes you!

Starting with the Bella Ultra40 wood fired pizza oven that is a favorite of both home chefs and pros, you can crank out 4–5 pizzas at once, or 50–70 10” pizzas/hr to keep all of your customers or guests satisfied. The 304 stainless steel dome is a rockstar at fast heat-up times. Just light your fire, and you can have the first pizza in the oven in under 20 minutes! Add in the commercial-grade, stainless steel counter and oven base that are securely attached and easy to clean and you will quickly get in the pizza baking zone.

With a removable steel door, quick twist removable venting for travel, and premium insulation and firebrick tiles, this oven enables you to offer a flexible menu and professional quality baking at temperatures up to 700°F plus! Then, when you are done serving and the fire goes out, the oven will also cool down quickly for a clean-up and safe towing bonus

Convenient storage space for all of your wood, gear, and ingredients.

Up your organization factor and get ready to throw one heck of a party! Perfect for business or entertaining, the Serata features a lockable rear compartment that offers a massive 39.3 cubic feet of water-resistant storage. Complete with a recessed handle for tamper resistance and increased security, it also offers a wide door to improve the loading in and loading out process. (Door Size: 35 ½” W x 18 ½” H — Compartment Size: 59” L x 48” W x ” 24 H.)

Quality weather stripping on the door ensures a tight fit, quieter travel, and keeps moisture outside where it belongs. Lights and reflectors let you be seen clearly on the road

Experience safe, smooth towing with a compact design & NATM certification.

The Serata is designed to make towing your pizza oven a safe and enjoyable experience for novices and experienced towers alike. With a single axle design that saves weight for better fuel economy, and a Bella pizza oven precisely balanced over the axle for easier parking and maneuvering, you can tow it with a regular-sized vehicle and skip the big rigs required for larger trailers

The heavy-duty, Bull-Dog brand, tongue-mounted round jack (with a removable foot plate) enables smooth parking and easy coupler hook-ups; while the flip-down, rear leveling jacks ensure your prep, baking, and serving area will feel solid and secure.

Finally, the trailer is made in the USA to stringent standards and quality controls, and certified to the industry’s gold standard (NATM certified) for durability you can trust.


  • Superior Dome and Welds – 1 Year Warranty
  • Premium Ceramic Insulation
  • Fast Recovery Cooking Floor
  • Removable Venting with Laser Cut Cap
  • Excellent Safety & Performance
  • NATM Certified

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